Holy year of Mercy

02/01/2016 to 20/11/2016
You will find all the information on the website www.misericordia.be


07/06/2016 to 28/08/2016
"Music for peace" : this is the title for the fifth edition of Ars in Cathedrali. "The music brings the soul into harmony with all the rigth things" said Oscar Wilde.

Sunday Music

26/06/2016 to 28/08/2016
AT 10.00
This is the program of the Sunday Music : where to sing and pray with repertoire of Sacred Works.

Vocaal Ensemble Puur

Op zaterdag 2 juli om 16 uur: eucharistieviering met medewerking van het Vocaal Ensemble Puur.

Hurrah for our Benefactors !

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