St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, Brussels

Holy Masses

Monday 12:30 FR/NL
Tuesday 12:30 FR
Wednesday 12:30 FR/NL
Thursday 12:30 FR
Friday 12:30 FR
Saturday 17:30 FR
Sundays and Holidays 09:30 FR
11:00 FR/NL
with organ and gregorian chants

Opening hours

Monday -> Friday 8:00-18:00
Saturday 8:00-18:00
Sunday 8:00-18:00

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Welcome on the website of the Saint Michael and Saint Gudula Cathedral in Brussels.

On this website you will find all information about religious celebrations organised at the cathedral, events taking place at the cathedral and about the life of the Christian community who worships here. Mass times and a list of services available are also included in the site. The cathedral also has a vibrant cultural life. Festive masses, exhibitions and concerts take place regularly and are organised by ‘Culture & Tourisme’.

The Cathedral also is a remarkable archeological site. Its origins can be traced back to the 10th century. The website gives you plenty of information about the rich history of the building, with its architectural history covering 10 centuries. Volunteers are there to welcome you and will help you to organise guided tours. Within its walls, the cathedral has seen important historical events, which are listed in the historical survey.

We hope the visit of this website will prompt you to come and participate to one of our services or cultural events!

If you need some additional information, you may send a mail at:

Address of the Cathedral : Parvis sainte-Gudule – 1000 Bruxelles – Belgium

Dean Benoît Lobet
rue du Bois Sauvage 15, B-1000 Bruxelles – Tél. 02/229 24 90 –

Myriam Zanzen
Rue du Bois Sauvage 15, B -1000 Bruxelles – Tel. 02/229 24 90 –

President : Mrs Gaëtane Demeure
Secretary : Mr Christian Storck
Finances : Mr Vincent Laurencin
Infos: Secretary’s office, rue du Bois sauvage 15 -1000 Bruxelles – Tél. 02/229 24 90

In charge of cultural activities organised by the cathedral : rue du Bois sauvage 15 -1000 Bruxelles

Délégué Général/Algemeen afgevaardigde : Mr Vincent Mertens de Wilmars

Rue du Bois sauvage 15 – 1000 Bruxelles
Tél. 02/219 75 30 –

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Sainte Gudule - La Force de la Foi



Monsignor Luc Terlinden was ordained bishop on Sunday, September 3 in St. Rumbold's Cathedral in Mechelen. He was installed as the new Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels. Bishop Terlinden was officially welcomed into the cathedral on Tuesday, September 12. He took...

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Programme 2023. From 18 June until 31 December 2023. Carillon concerts on the 49 bells of the Cathedral, from 3 July until 31 December 2023, each time at 14:00 hrs.18 June - Summer: Thierry BOUILLET21 July - Belgian National Day: Jasper DEPRAETERE15 August -...

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20 years Grenzing

Listen or listen again to this splendid  concert of 14 July in our  cathedral   20 years Grenzing    

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Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

One of the issues which kept theologians, be they patristic, scholastic or children of the Enlightenment, busy was the matter of just how much Jesus knew.  When his distressed parents found their twelve-year-old son in the Jerusalem temple, after three days of frantic...

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Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus demonstrated no fear in talking about God nor in sharing the personal convictions which came from his unshakable faith in the God he called Father.  He expected his disciples to be equally forthright.  On the occasion of the first public appearance of his...

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Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ

For the vast majority of the world’s Catholics the last three months represent a eucharistic famine.  Priests count themselves uniquely blessed that they can receive Holy Communion each day as they celebrate Mass.  Those who are self-isolating or in quarantine, as...

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Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Each Sunday when we recite the Creed we profess our belief in God. We can arrive at a belief in the existence of God through the application of reason to the realities perceived by our senses. From our understanding of the world we can deduce that it must owe its...

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