Every tuesday at 8pm
The 2022 Festival is looking forward to combining new and old repertoire.
New in the opening concert: a concert dedicated to Xavier Deprez, with pieces for organ, voice, and choir.
New: with music by Pierre Slinckx, organ, and electronics.
New, with composers Michaël Kamen (USA), and Craig Philips (UK) during the Organ Pipes and Brassery Bells concert, and Jan Welmers, minimalist composer.
Golden oldie: Heinrich Schütz whose the 350th anniversary of his death we commemorate this year.
Then Johann Sebastian Bach, with two dedicated recitals.

And closer to home, the German Romanticism of Mendelssohn, Liszt, Franck and Reger.
Also new: an organ and brass ensemble concert.
Here is our 2022 program, with internationally renowned artists.

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Performed Concerts

Tuesday  12/07/2022  8pm

Le vent souffle où il veut

Ensembles FILIÆ & Voces Desuper dir. Tatyana Donets

Xavier Deprez, organ
Yulika Deprez, violin

Works of Xavier Deprez

On the occasion of Xavier Deprez’s thirty years as organist at
Brussels Cathedral, you will hear his latest compositions for
positive organ, great organ, sopranos, four-part mixed choir,
as well as a world premiere, “L’Eau et le Feu”, specially written
for the artists gather for this unique concert.

Concert performed!

Tuesday  19/07/2022 – 8pm

Belgian Solutions

Cindy Castillo and Pierre Slinckx

Works of J.S. Bach, J.Jongen, P. Slinckx

Organ music in Belgium has been flourishing since the country’s inception – and even before!
Tonight, let’s take a look at some fresh, original and crisp pages… made in Belgium!
From the 19th century, the century of the advent of the Kingdom, to today, the field of nuggets is vast!


Concert performed!

Tuesday 26/07/2022 – 8pm

Organ Pipes and Brassery Bells

Nicolas De Troyer

Works of H.A. Stamm, J. Alain, C. Franck, A. Guilmant, M. Kamen, C. Philips

The project ‘Organ Pipes and Brassery Bells’ is to bring together
the brass players of Brassery and Nicolas De Troyer at the
organ. The combination of brass and organ offers countless
possibilities and a multitude of sounds and colours.
The program is made of original pieces and transcriptions. At
first, the Suite for organ, brass quintet and percussion by the
American composer Craig Philips, and then new arrangements
from the rich organ repertoire from Cesar Franck to Jehan Alain.

Concert performed!

Tuesday 2/08/2022 – 20h00

Fantastic Organ

Rie Hiroe

Works of J.S. Bach, M. Reger, F. Liszt

There are many fantasies in the organ repertoire. Fantasy
means many things – it is sometimes a polyphonic work,
sometimes improvisational and sometimes written in the
toccata style, or like an orchestral suite. In this concert, three
fantasies from Bach to Reger will show the extreme variety of
creativity of those great composers.

Concert performed!

Tuesday 9/08/2022 – 8pm

Clavier-Übung III – Lutheran Mass and the Chorales of the Great Catechism

Benjamin Alard

Works of J.S. Bach

The third part of the Clavier-Übung was published in 1739 on the
occasion of the bicentenary of the approval of the Lutherian
reform by the city of Leipzig. Preludes for Chorales or music
sermon ? Here the Cantor delivers his third opus, composed on
the model of Martin Luther’s Small and Large Catechisms. The
programme of this concert is devoted to the great versions of
the Lutheran Mass and the Chorales of the Large Catechism,
framed by the majestic Prelude and Fugue in E-flat major.

Concert performed!

Tuesday 16/08/2022 – 8pm

Les goûts réunis, Bach and the Italian Style

Jean-Luc Thellin

Works of J.S. Bach & A. Vivaldi

The three dominant styles of the end of the Baroque, the
French, Italian and German styles, are cited as an example by
François Couperin.

Bach perfectly mastered these styles, his music is also the reflection of an astonishing fusion.
Jean-Luc Thellin, who has already performed the complete organ works of Bach, has chosen the most Italianate pieces, as well as a transcription of the concerto in D minor by Antonio Vivaldi.

Concert performed!

Tuesday 23/08/2022 – 8pm

Monumentale orgelwerken

Jan Hage

Works of J.S. Bach, J. Welmers, F. Liszt

The programme is made of three monuments of the organ
music : with at first the Johann Sebastian Bach’s famous Fantasie
und Fuge in g moll BWV 542, then the moving and dramatic
‘Litanies’ by the recently deceased Dutch minimalist composer
Jan Welmers and at the end the grand, monumental Fantasie
und Fuge über “Ád nos, ad salutarem undam” by Franz Liszt.

Concert performed!

Tuesday  30/08/2022 8pm

Schütz and his Legacy

Ensemble In Alto
Alice Foccroulle, soprano
Bart Jacobs, orgel/orgue

Works of H. Schütz, M. Weckmann, D. Buxtehude

At a very young age, Heinrich Schütz was noticed by Moritz von Hessen-Kassel for his singing and musical talent.

The Count decided to take care of his education and took charge of his legal studies as well as his musical education in Kassel with Georg Otto and then in Venice with the famous Giovanni Gabrieli.

On his deathbed, Gabrieli donated his ring to Schütz, whom he undoubtedly regarded as a spiritual son.
Throughout his life, Schütz composed and passed on his knowledge to a multitude of pupils.

His position as Kappellmeister and the fame he enjoyed enabled him to travel
throughout Europe. He passed on his knowledge and his art to other talented young composers such as Matthias Weckmann, Johann Theile, Christoph Bernhard, Vincenzo Albrici, etc.
This programme presents the fabulous legacy of the Master through magnificent pages of music composed by his best pupils.

Concert performed!