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Ars in Cathedrali presents its 2023 summer season rich in eight concerts of organ, voices and instruments.
With, as every year, the music of Johann Sebastian Bach as a common thread, the theme “Music of Love” will make you discover the extraordinary musical repertoire inspired by Love, in all its forms and eras, composed or improvised.
These are real jewels of programming that await you every Tuesday at 20h, in the wonderful setting of the cathedral.

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Concerts Already Performed

Tuesday  11/07/2023 – 8pm


Paul De Meyer (BE)

On this feast of the Flemish Community, the organist Paul De Mayer sings love with the organ: love for the homeland, for fellow citizens of Brussels and Belgium, and sublimated love for music, heritage and art. He performed works by local composers such as Joseph – Hector Fiocco, Jacques – Nicolas Lemmens and Joseph Jongen, and improvised a symphony of Love.

Concert Performed !

Mardi  18/07/2023 – 20h00


Matthias Havingha (NL)

It is a program full of drama and deep feelings of despair, anger and helplessness, but also of trust and hope, admiration and noble commemoration. There is music by Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck and Johann Pachelbel, but also by Franz Liszt, Jehan Alain and Maurice Duruflé: the works are strongly linked together by quotations and themes. Chromaticism is the common thread of the program

Concert Performed !

Tuesday 25/07/2023 – 20h00


Jean-Baptiste Monnot (FR)

Between consciousness and unconsciousness, the fate of feelings. Music by its narrative dimension awakens a multitude of feelings in the soul of the listener. Its architecture, its discourse, its texture are similar to the content and setting of a story that would be told to us and that would immediately probe the complex mysteries of our sensibilities. The individual imagination is constantly solicited: we become, without our knowledge, actors within the very music we listen to. Johannes Brahms, Robert Schumann, Franz Liszt, Marcel Dupré and Jean Guillou.

Concert Performed !

Tuesday 1/08/2023 – 8pm


Susanna & Joannes Ebenbauer, soprano & organ (AT)

Duo improvisation: here is a program where improvisation and the written repertoire, but also voice and organ, will dialogue: the repertoire of Johann Sebastian Bach will sound on the organ. Voice of course for the famous “Flow, my tears” by John Dowland. On themes borrowed from Bruckner, Joannes Ebenbauer will improvise a symphony on the organ, and as a highlight, on the song of Francis of Assisi, an improvisation voice and organ.

Concert Performed !

Tuesday 8/08/2023 – 8pm

Love for Romanticism

Ignace Michiels (B)

The concert will not be given by Barry Jordan who can not come for health reasons, but by Ignace Michiels with a program of romantic works of Mendelssohn, Rheinberger, Faulkes, Hollins, Widor, Franck, Dupont & Grison. Welcome !

Concert Performed !

Tuesday 15/08/2023 – 8pm


Bart Jacobs (BE)

The art of variation is an ancient practice. As early as the Renaissance, composers began to use existing songs and melodies to explore harmonic, rhythmic, and stylistic possibilities through variations. With great works with variations by Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn, Charles – Marie Widor, Jehan Alain and Maurice Duruflé, all the registers and colors of the Grenzing organ are exploited: the titular organist Bart Jacobs shows all his love for the art of variation.

Concert Performed !

Tuesday  22/08/2023 8pm


Fumika Mohri (JP), violin (winner Queen Elisabeth competition 2016) & Momoyo Kokubu (BE), organ

The two artists will play César Franck’s famous violin sonata, which was originally Franck’s wedding gift to Belgian violinist Eugène Ysaÿe. The piano part is transcribed on the organ. Johann Sebastian Bach’s virtuoso Toccata and Fugue in F major will first resonate, as well as four Duets from the Clavier-Übung III, which will be played between organ and violin (premiere!). Fumika Mohri will play Eugène Ysaÿe’s famous Sonata 3 “Ballade” for solo violin.

Concert Performed !

Tuesday 29/08/2023 – 8pm


Wei-Lian Huang (TW), soprano, Ensemble Ausonia dir. Mira Glodeanu (RO),& Xavier Deprez (BE), orgue

Voici une programme entièrement dédié à Johann-Sebastian Bach, avec des œuvres pour orgue solo, orgue en soliste avec l’orchestre, et orgue accompagnateur dans les cantates.

Here is a program entirely dedicated to Johann-Sebastian Bach, with works for solo organ, organ as soloist with the orchestra, and organ accompanist in cantatas.
Two wedding cantatas will be in the spotlight: BWV 210 “O day full of sweetness, moment so desired”, and the well-known and luminous cantata BWV 202 “Dissipate you, gloomy shadows”, which will be sung by soprano Wei-Lian Huang, one of the most beautiful voices of the moment for the baroque repertoire. The Ausonia string ensemble will be conducted by violinist Mira Glodeanu and will dialogue with the organ, under the fingers of titular organist Xavier Deprez.

Concert Performed !

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