Patterns in Nature – AV Extended

Paths taken by nature always go straight to the point. This should make us question as a society which roads to follow in our confused and turbulent context.

Human beings are at a crossroads in their existence, aware of the end of the illusion of abundance. It’s necessary, therefore, that we strive for utopias that include nature as a fundamental element. The mapping of the cathedral translates into five chapters, the intersections of the different motifs of nature, the trajectories and the paths that nature offers. It synthesises biology, natural history, mathematics and science in the service of art.

The AV EXTENDED collective, composed of architects, graphic designers, musicians and engineers, uses technological arts to transmit an immersive experience of architecture. TETRO+A is the cultural production arm of the TETRO agency, which creates and disseminates original artistic projects throughout the world.

Creation : AV EXTENDED
Production : TETRO+A

> Address : Cathedral of St Michel and St Gudula, 1000 Brussels

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