The Grenzing great organ

The great organ of the Cathedral is an impressive instrument, both in its quality and its beauty. You may be surprised by its “bird’s nest” position which meets the specific needs of the acoustics of a gothic Cathedral. This position is also linked to an old but little known tradition among organ-builders in this part of the world. You will see organs installed in similar places in other famous Gothic Cathedrals such as Chartres, Cologne or Strasbourg. The instrument has a total of 4,300 pipes, 63 stops, 4 keyboards and the pedal-board. In the middle the organist’s console is big enough to accommodate soloists. This versatile instrument is capable of interpreting compositions in numerous styles and from many different musical eras. The overall impression is one of great lightness and harmonious integration in the surrounding architectural framework, thanks to the inclusion of gothic elements. This very beautiful instrument has been created by the daring genius of the German organ-builder, Gerhard Grenzing, based in Barcelona, in collaboration with the English architect, Simon Platt.

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