Northern Transept :The stained-glass window was assembled by Jean Haeck (master glass-worker from Antwerp) who made them in 1537 after drawings by the Brussels court painter Bernard Van Orley. It depicts Charles V and his wife Isabelle of Portugal kneeling in front of the Holy Sacrament. They are accompanied by their patron saints Charlemagne and Elisabeth of Hungary. To the right of the portal is an elegant and tender statue of “The education of the Virgin by St Anne” by Jérôme Duquesnoy the Younger (17th century) after a painting by Rubens.

South Transept :The stained-glass window is also the work of Jean Haeck (after a drawing by B. Van Orley) made in 1538. It shows Louis II of Hungary and his wife Maria of Hungary, sister of Charles V, kneeling in front of the Trinity, with St Louis and the Virgin with Child behind them. 


This study, whose costs are supported bythe Brussels-Capital Region regarding the fact that the cahtedral is a classified monument, aims to achieve an in-depth analysis of the church window structure (stone and metal) as well as the stained glass to establishing a comprehensive restoration project, in a second phase, a call for tender will be made for the execution of the works, that also will take additional protective pre- cautions if applicable.Aspart of this study, the following will be carried out:

  • A 3D survey by pointcloud
  • Pathological maps of the mullions, tracery, saddle bars, stainedglass
  • An on site systematic examination of the stoneele- ments of the window and stained glass
  • Aworkshopreviofsomepanelsofstainedglasstoclarifythe
  • Monitoring to record various data (windspeeds, deformations,temperatures,…)
  • A description of the work to beconducted
  • A request for a single permit